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OASIS® Netted SEC Floral Foam Spheres

OASIS® SEC Dry Floral Foam - OASIS® Netted SEC Floral Foam Spheres - B003
The five different sizes of Sec Dry Spheres provide the opportunity to create countless designs for festive and special arrangements. Animals for display work and competitions, hanging Christmas baubles studded with cloves and cinnamon wrapped with preserved leaves and bullion wire, are just some of the numerous ideas that can be accomplished with dry spheres.

Features and Benefits
Pre cut shape saves time and money
Easy to cut
Offers wide design opportunity
Netted to be hanged easily

Typical Uses
Decorative Hanging Arrangements
Novelty Arrangements
Dried Flower Trees

Product Details 

Size: 8cm
Pack quantity: 60 pieces
Product Code: 1008DN

Size: 12cm
Pack quantity: 24 pieces
Product Code: 1012DN

Size: 15cm
Pack quantity: 9 pieces
Product Code: 1015DN

Size: 18cm
Pack quantity: 18 pieces
Product Code: 1018DN

Size: 22cm
Pack quantity: 12 pieces
Product Code: 1022DN