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OASIS® Floral Foam Netted Spheres

OASIS® Wet Floral Foam - OASIS® Floral Foam Netted Spheres - A012
Features and Benefits
Pre-cut shape saves time and money
Choice of sizes
Plastic netting provides security for flowers and easy hanging

Typical Uses

Hanging Arrangements
Topiary Trees
Pomander Designs

Product Details

Size: 8cm
Pack quantity: 60 pieces
Product Code: 1019

Size: 12cm
Pack quantity: 24 pieces
Product Code: 1012N

Size: 15cm
Pack quantity: 9 pieces
Product Code: 1015N

Size: 18cm
Pack quantity: 18 pieces
Product Code: 1018N

Size: 22cm
Pack quantity: 12 pieces
Product Code: 1022N