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OASIS® Floral Foam Spheres

OASIS® Wet Floral Foam - OASIS® Floral Foam Spheres - A011
The variety of sizes provide an ideal medium for use in all display work, parties, weddings or funeral tributes, and they come packed in convenient quantities. The 8cm Sphere provides the perfect base for a Bridesmaids hanging novelty, the 22cm football size, is fantastic for constructing topiary trees.

Features and Benefits
Pre-cut shape saves time and money
Choice of sizes

Typical Uses
Hanging Arrangements
Topiary Trees

Product Details 

Size: 8cm
Pack quantity: 75 pieces
Product Code: 1008

Size: 12cm
Pack quantity: 24pieces
Product Code: 1012

Size: 15cm
Pack quantity: 9 pieces
Product Code: 1015

Size: 18cm
Pack quantity: 18 pieces
Product Code: 1018

Size: 22cm
Pack quantity: 12 pieces
Product Code: 1022

Size: 25cm
Pack quantity: 12 pieces
Product Code: 1025

Size: 30cm
Pack quantity: 8 pieces
Product Code: 1030